Інтелектуальна машина для перевірки тканини

Інтелектуальна автоматична машина для перевірки тканини

The first intelligent fabric inspection machine in China that can inspect color difference, the whole process of fabric inspection is automated, robot automatically feeding fabric, automatically inspect the fabric surface defect, color difference, width, length, automatically scores and issues a professional fabric inspection report.
Features: Using multiple high-pixel cameras to automatically inspect fabric defects and color-difference, high efficiency, reduce labor, improve productivity stability, high inspection rate, reduce compensation, and combine intelligence and digitization.

Detectable defect types:
Holes, stains, broken yarn, crease, knot, roving, flying flower, dark flower, colored yarn, color difference.

Applicable to: single-color normal knitted fabric (the inspection rate of woven and denim is low, down jackets, printed fabrics, striped fabrics, outdoor clothes, yoga clothes, etc. cannot be inspected now)

A new generation of intelligent cloth inspection machine---Four "new" advantages:
1. Can detect "color difference".
Real-time chromatic aberration detection, which can detect the chromatic aberration in the middle and the edge of the cloth, the chromatic aberration in the middle and the end of the cloth, and the cloth difference.
2. The robot automatically wears the cloth.
Save 70% of the feeding work, and save 2 hours of invalid working time every day.
3. Tension-free blowing, flattening and vacuuming device.
Under the condition of no tension, it can effectively sort out slight creases and sundries on the cloth surface.
4. The front and back 2 meters of the fabric can be detected.
The innovative mechanical design and algorithm design ensure that the front and back 2 meters of the fabric can be detected.
Модель ЮЛ-А
Напруги 1PH 220 В 50 ГЦ
Швидкість перевірки ~85%
Точність перевірки 0,3 мм
Швидкість перевірки 60 м/хв (не включаючи час маркування)
Робоча ширина 2000 мм
Робочий діаметр 400 мм
Розміри (Д * Ш * В) 3800*2800*2360мм