Автоматична прасувальна машина для штанів

Автоматична прасувальна машина для штанів (з колекцією)

Three-station automatic rotary trouser press (with automatic receiving device) is a combination of digitization, automation and flexibility. Realize the automation of trousers ironing, simplify the operation process, significantly save time and cost, and successfully open up the digital and intelligent management of clothing ironing.
1. The three rotary workstations can automatically spray steam and blow air; strong hot air blowing function (adjustable blowing time), automatic steam spraying function (steam spraying time can be adjusted)
2. Waist expansion device, waist side clamping device. The width can be adjusted and the tension can be adjusted and fixed.
3. The trouser leg pull-down clamping device, with double adjustment, adjustable height, adjustable tension, can iron both trousers and shorts.
4. The tension adjustment device for trouser waist control and trouser leg pull-down will automatically stop when the set tension is reached.
5. There is a fixing device on the front of the waistband.
6. Each device is equipped with steam jet ironing function.
7. Program and control machine operation through PLC and display screen
8. Automatic receiving device.
9. There are devices for regulating steam and heating, blowing hot air through a blower.
10. Capacity counting function

Applicable to: Jeans and casual trousers,suitable for short or long trousers and babies trousers)
Модель YL-K3
Напруги 3PH 380 В 50 ГЦ
Сумарна потужність 8,5 кВт
Витрата стисненого повітря 20 кг/год
Тиск стисненого повітря 0,4-0,7 МПа
Витрата пари 60 кг/год (зовнішній паровий котел)
Тиск пари 0,3-0,7 МПа
Розміри (Д*Ш*В) 307*383*246см